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Transformator 120-24VAC 100VA, PVS100A, IP54

1 375 kr
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Part. no.: PVS100A

Input voltage: 120VAC, 50-60 Hz; (N - L)

Output voltage: 24VAC
Rated power: 100 VA (4,16A)
Weight: 2 kg

Encapsulation class: IP54
Insulation class: 4.2 kV
Ambient temperature: max 40 oC (at 50 oC, the transformer can supply a load of max. 100VA)
Design: Transformer potted in hard-setting plastic, with grey encapsulation made from impact resistant,

   self extinguishing thermoplastics.
- Double insulated (earth connection not required).
- Primary, resettable over-current protection
- Primary entry gland for cable diameter max. 13 mm, 2-pole 4 mm² terminal.
- Secondary entry gland for cable diameter max. 13 mm, 2-pole 4 mm² terminal.
- Max torque for the terminal block is 0.5 Nm.

Mounting: Wall mounting with 3 screws.
Manufacturing standard: Security EN 61558-1; EN 61558-2-6
Emissions: EN 61 000-6-3; EN 61 000-6-4, IEC 62041
Immunity: EN 61 000-6-1; EN 61 000-6-2, IEC 62041
Other information: If required for the installation in question, the transformer must be connected by an all-pole
switch in permanent installations.

Output voltage 24 V, 24 VAC
Funktion AC/AC
Kind of power supply Universell
Manufacturer Tufvassons
Manufacturers Tufvassons
Pwr sup. unit type Transformator, Step Down
Typ av transformator Skyddstransformator
Supply voltage 110 VAC, 120 VAC, 120 VAC
Effekt, Kontinuerlig upp till. ... 100 W, ...120 W
Output current 0...4.0 A, 0...5.0 A
Anslutning primärsida Skruvanslutning
Antal utgångar 1
Kapslingsklass IP 54
Utförande Säkerhets transformator
Skydd Överbelastningsskydd, Säkring
Galvanisk delning Galvaniskt skild primär- och sekundärkrets
Kylning Via konvektion av fri luft
Kurvform utgång Ren Sinus
Färg Vit


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