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Transformator TOROIDY ATSS4000VA-230/110V U+UMS

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Backorder item
Product Description:

Step-down 4000VA 230/110V autotransformers for USA campers and boats. Equipped with inrush current limiter and screw terminals for use with large diameter cables.

How to select transformer (converter, power supply adaptor) for 110 V USA appliances?

Manufacturers usually print appliance’s parameters on the attached tag, displaying its power in Watts [W]. In that case it’s simple. If the power is for example 245 W, select a transformer that is closest to that value on the available list, adding an extra margin of power for safety. In this example, a 300VA transformer should be selected. Some manufacturers display parameters in  Amperes [A]or [Amps] as an electric current required for proper operation; for example 2.7 A or 2.7 Amps. You then need to multiply number of Amperes by 120. In this case 2.7 x 120 = 324. The result represents the approximate power of transformer needed. After adding a safety margin of at least 20%, 400 VA transformer should be selected.


The power of a transformer must alwas be higher than the power of the apliance connected to that transformer. Otherwise,  either unit can sustain serious damage.

Nominal power4000VA


Output voltage


Input voltage


Casing type






screw terminal


Inrush current limiter






Overload protection 


fuse 16A








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Output voltage 110 VAC
Funktion AC/AC
Manufacturer Toroidy
Manufacturers Toroidy
Pwr sup. unit type Transformator
Typ av transformator Spartransformator
Supply voltage 230 VAC
Input connector type 3-pol C14 apparatintag
Output connector type Terminal block
Number of outputs 1
Case type DeskTop, Autotransformer
Length of cable 1.2 m
Protection Anti-overload
Galvanisk delning No
Kylning Via konvektion av fri luft
Color White

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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