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DC/DC Omvandlare in: 48 (40... 90)VDC ut:12VDC,(13,8VDC)

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Product Description:


Wide input voltage from 40 to 90V


  • Stable output voltage is 12V
  • Work for appliances from 0.5AMP to 20AMP automatically
  • 100% full rated power
  • 100% full stable output current
  • 100% burn-in test
  • High-efficiency up to 95%
  • Waterproof sealed
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • Surface mountable
  • 2 years warranty
  • 15 years lifetime
  • Over-current, over-voltage protections
  • Over-temperature protection
  • ​Fuse protection
  • According to: EN 50498:2010 IP68
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Output voltage 12 V
Funktion DC/DC
Kind of power supply Universell
Manufacturer Daygreen
Pwr sup. unit type Switchat
Supply voltage 40...90 VDC
Power... W (Watt) ...240 W
Output current ...20 A
Input connector type Lös kabelända
Output connector type Lös kabelända
Number of outputs 1
IP rating IP 67
Length of cable 0.2 m
Protection Anti-overload, Anti-overvoltage, short circuit protection
Galvanisk delning No
Kurvform utgång DC
Information Produkten är ingen färdig anordning, utan endast en komponent

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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