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DC/DC-omvandlare 12/24V till 6V 5A

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Artikeln har utgått
Product Description:

Artikelnr. 122406

DC/DC omvandlare, DC 7.5V - DC 40V till 6 Volt

Any input voltage from 7.5V to 40V can accurately generates output 6V
Input voltage: DC 7.5V - DC 40V
Output Voltage: DC 6V
Output current: 5A 30W
Efficient conversion rate: more than 90%
Size specifications: 43 * 25 * 20MM (L * W * H)
Weight: 45G
Imported main components, stable performance, Shockproof, moistureproof, dustproof
Wiring as follows:
Input: red (+) black (-)
Output: yellow line (+) black (-)
Input transient voltage protection, output over-current protection, output short circuit protection, overheat protection
Ripple: 80MV
Working temperature: -40C to +85C (industrial grade)
Mobile hard disk, electronic dog, audio, navigation, surveillance, LED car display, air conditioning, electric fans, solar energy,
photovoltaic energy, DVD, LED lights, motors, pumps, electrical appliances and industrial equipment, etc.
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Output voltage 6 V
Manufacturer No Brand
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Power... W (Watt) ...30 W
Output current ...5.0 A
Input connector type Lös kabelända
Output connector type Lös kabelända
Case type for building in
Information Produkten är ingen färdig anordning, utan endast en komponent

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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