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Boost Converter 8-60V to 12-80V 12A 600W Boost Converter 8-60V to 12-80V 12A 600W Boost Converter 8-60V to 12-80V 12A 600W

Boost Converter 8-60V to 12-80V 12A 600W

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Artikelnr. DC8060

Boost Converter 8-60V to 12-80V 12A 600W

Output Power: >500W

DC/DC Converters

Size: 76mm(L) * 60mm(W) * 56mm(H)

Input Voltage: DC 8-60V
Output Current: 12A Max
Output Voltage: DC 12-80V
Weight: 250

Input Current: 16A (MAX)

Output Current: 12A MAX


  • 600W high power boost module
  • Input voltage :12-60V or 8-16V Selectable
  • Wide output voltage (12-80V) adjustable
  • Output current (0.1-12A) Adjustable
  • High efficiency
  • Ultra-low dropout voltage
Module parameters:
  • Module Properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)
  • Input voltage: two input voltage ranges selectable (selectable with jumper on board)
    1)8-16V input ( In this input mode,please do not over-voltage input, otherwise it will burn module)
    2)12-60V input(default)
  • Input Current : 16A (MAX) Please enhance heat dissipation when current over than 10A
  • Static Current : 15mA (12V to 20V. The output voltage increase, the static current will increase a little)
  • Output voltage: 12-80V (continuously adjustable) ( the default output about 19V )
  • Output Current : 12A MAX, if over 10A please enhance heat dissipation ( the higher the dropout voltage, the smaller the current )
  • Constant current range :0.1-12A
  • Output power : = input voltage * 10A, such as: input 12V * 10A = 120W, input 24V * 10A = 240W, Input 36V * 10A = 360W, input 48V * 10A = 480W, input 60V * 10A = 600W. If you need more high-power, two modules can be used in parallel , for example if you need 15A output, then connect two modules in parallel ,?the current of each module set to 8A then is OK.
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C ( if temperature too high , please enhance heat dissipation)
  • Operating Frequency : 150KHz
  • Conversion efficiency : up to 95% ( affected by input voltage, output volage, current and dropout voltage )
  • Operating Ripple: about 100mV
  • Load Regulation rate: about 0.2%
  • Voltage regulation rate: about 2%
  • Overcurrent protection : Yes ( input exceeds 17A, automatically reduces the output voltage , maybe have errors)
  • Short-circuit protection: Yes (input with 20A fuse) double circuit protection, more safe.
  • Input Reverse Polarity Protection: No , ( if necessary , input add one diode in series)
  • Output prevent backflow : Yes, no need to add prevent backflow diode for charging .
  • Installation: two 3mm screws
  • Wiring: terminals, no welding.
  • Size: 76mm(L) * 60mm(W) * 56mm(H, the height of the heatsink is included)
  • Net weight: 205 g
  1. DIY a regulated power supply, only 12V input, output 12-80V adjustable.
  2. Power supply for your electronic device , according to your system can set the output voltage value .
  3. As a vehicle power supply, power supply for your laptop/PDA etc.
  4. DIY a laptop mobile power supply, with 12V high capacity lithium battery pack, travel no worry.
  5. Solar panels regulator.
  6. Charge for the battery.
  7. Drive high-power LED.
Constant current range: 0.1-12A
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Funktion DC/DC
Fabrikat No Brand
Matningsspänning 8...60 VDC
Effekt, Kontinuerlig upp till. ...600 W
Utström, Kontinuerlig 0...12 A
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