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Transformator 120-24VAC 100VA, PVS100A, IP54

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Produkt Beskrivelse:

Part. no.: PVS100A

Input voltage: 120VAC, 50-60 Hz; (N - L)

Output voltage: 24VAC
Rated power: 100 VA (4,16A)
Weight: 2 kg

Encapsulation class: IP54
Insulation class: 4.2 kV
Ambient temperature: max 40 oC (at 50 oC, the transformer can supply a load of max. 100VA)
Design: Transformer potted in hard-setting plastic, with grey encapsulation made from impact resistant,

   self extinguishing thermoplastics.
- Double insulated (earth connection not required).
- Primary, resettable over-current protection
- Primary entry gland for cable diameter max. 13 mm, 2-pole 4 mm² terminal.
- Secondary entry gland for cable diameter max. 13 mm, 2-pole 4 mm² terminal.
- Max torque for the terminal block is 0.5 Nm.

Mounting: Wall mounting with 3 screws.
Manufacturing standard: Security EN 61558-1; EN 61558-2-6
Emissions: EN 61 000-6-3; EN 61 000-6-4, IEC 62041
Immunity: EN 61 000-6-1; EN 61 000-6-2, IEC 62041
Other information: If required for the installation in question, the transformer must be connected by an all-pole
switch in permanent installations.

Udgangsspænding 24 V, 24 VAC
Funktion AC/AC
Kind of power supply Universell
Manufacturer Tufvassons
Manufacturers Tufvassons
Pwr sup. unit type Transformator, Step Down
Typ av transformator Skyddstransformator
Supply voltage 120 VAC, 120 VAC
Mærkeeffekt ... 100 W
Output current 0...4.0 A
Anslutning primärsida Skruvanslutning
Antal utgångar 1
Kapslingsklass IP 54
Utförande Säkerhets transformator
Skydd Överbelastningsskydd, Säkring
Galvanisk delning Galvaniskt skild primär- och sekundärkrets
Kylning Via konvektion av fri luft
Kurvform utgång Ren Sinus
Färg Vit


Produceret af: Wikinggruppen
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